1.5 Inch Hailstorm Strikes Lake Mary FL Causing Major Hail Damage
22 May, 2020 by
1.5 Inch Hailstorm Strikes Lake Mary FL Causing Major Hail Damage
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Hailstorm Rocks Lake Mary and Other Surrounding Cities Causing Damage Concerns

As Central Floridians began to wind down for the evening, a severe thunderstorm rolled in bringing hail and unavoidable damages with it.

Quarter sized hail showered the Lake Mary-Sanford area starting around 7:30 pm causing warnings to be sent out to local residents warning them to keep their animals inside and to expect damages including vehicle and property damage. The storm itself not only effecting the Lake Mary area but reaching over the St. John and bringing severe winds and lightning to the Deltona area.

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What Do You Do After A Damaging Hailstorm?

Floridians are well known to be ready and prepared for the most intense of storms as we experience many of them during the stretch of months during  Hurricane Season. With Florida being the #1 state to be hit with Hurricanes, we experience a variety of different types of property damage. One of these being an essential part of any dwelling, the roof. After a storm as experienced by those in Lake Mary/Sanford, its important to make sure you are aware of any damages on your property and what to do if you find any or any existing damage worsens. Take the steps below after any sort of storm, including the 5-21-20 hailstorm.

  • Search for Damages After The Storm and Record Them!
  • Keep the evidence of damage in your files. Most policies allow you to file a claim for a storm that occurred up to three years ago!
  • Get a roof inspection by a qualified roof inspector!


Some damages are more obvious then others so scheduling a roof inspection with a qualified roof inspector should be necessary to make sure your roof is sound and sturdy. The lesser obvious damages can lead up to compromising damages in the future that can threaten the integrity of your roof. Finding hail damages is a skill acquired as the blisters they leave behind are tricky to find. Recording hail and storms as they occur assist in making sure when going through an insurance company that the claim is labeled wind and hail. Hail is only recorded officially if it is reported by people witnessing it so making sure you have evidence of it occurring and the damages that followed afterward creates a safeguard for homeowners against insurance companies. Getting an inspection done as quickly as possible will make sure you do not neglect any problems that could have been caused or already existent. 

1.5" Hail In Many Subdivisions Leave Hidden Damage In Its Wake

Much of the damage left behind by the storm include fallen trees, broken windows/window shields, torn pool screens, dented garage doors, and more.  Despite the reports being of quarter sized hail, many residents found hail the size of tennis balls in their yards, ruthlessly damaging whatever fell in their path.  Along with the hailstorm came a thunderstorm that sent lightning striking trees and almost downing power lines. Many folks on social media documented the storm as it occurred, all reporting the hail was massive and intense, some even showing up front the damages caused.

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