4 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Metal Roofs
13 August, 2020 by
4 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Metal Roofs
Drew Calloway

As Homeowners Across Florida Replace Their Roofs, Consider The Advantages of Metal Roofing

Homeowners across the United States are most likely already aware that the average life span of their asphalt shingle roof is only 20-25 years. This life span is based off of regular wear and tear, but taking into consideration how often the east coast gets hit by things like tropical storms, hurricanes, hail storms, etc. it is more then likely that the life span will wind up being cut short. This opens the doors to considering getting a roof replacement. Many questions arise during this process including "What is best for my roof" and "What kind of roof is best". Being informed of all your options and their benefits is important before even considering what color you want your roof to be.

Metal Roofing has a lot to offer and in fact is much better then the usual shingle roofing, especially in a heavily storm impacted state like Florida. Lets analyze these advantages and what exactly a Metal Roof Replacement has to offer to your home.

What Should I Know About A Metal Roof Replacement?

Speaking to someone experienced in Roofing or doing your own research is important as it reveals the upsides and downsides of metal roofing. This is especially important if you're switching from a regular asphalt shingle roof to a metal roof. When making your calculations it is good to note things like the cost, quality, what the future maintenance entails and even how it will look on your home. Metal Roofs are made of different kinds of materials. Knowing which materials you want to use will be critical in determining instillation. According to Timothy with The Spruce,

"Metal roofing products can be made from a variety of metals, including galvanized steel, copper, aluminium, or tin, and they can use several different installation systems." - Timothy Thiele (The Spruce)

Material also determines the cost of things too. In the case you file a claim with your insurance company for a roof replacement, you can use those funds to replace your roof and switch the type to Metal. Metal Roofs can be a bit more expensive then the usual asphalt roof but it has it is a long term investment. Putting aside material differences and probable cost differences, what are the true advantages of a Metal roof and why should you invest in one?



Metal Roofing Advantages List

Here is a list of advantages metal roofs provide:

  • Long Lasting. Metal roofs when well maintained can last up to 70 years! This considerably beats the life span of a regular asphalt shingle roof.
  • Safer. Unlike most superstitions, metal roofs don't attract lightning! Other then that, they also don't spark or or ignite into flames like other materials would.
  • Efficient/Recyclable. The metal used in the roof is also 100% recyclable making the metal option much more environmental friendly! It also reflects solar heat and keeps your home cooler during the summer!
  • None to Minimal Maintenance. Unlike asphalt shingles that crumble and get holes in them and require being consistently looked at and maintained, metal roofs are different. Although you may have to check for dents and paint chippings, they normally do not require you to be replacing anything unless its become damaged. 

Metal roofs are simply much more efficient and sleek. Even though a bit costly the long term benefits are very worth it. Of course if not properly installed it can cause damages which is why its important to get your metal roof professionally installed by a qualified roofer. In the case you are thinking of switching over from shingles to metal, take the liberty to reach out to us for a Free Calloway Roofing LLC Estimate

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