4 Tornadoes Strike Orlando Central Florida While 75MPH Wind Gusts Blanket The Area
8 June, 2020 by
4 Tornadoes Strike Orlando Central Florida While 75MPH Wind Gusts Blanket The Area
Drew Calloway

4 Tornadoes Strike Orlando Central Florida and Blanket the City's Metro Area in Debris

The third major storm of the year; tornadoes strike Orlando Central Florida throughout the evening and night bringing down trees and lifting parts of roofs as wind gusts reach 75MPH in some areas. 

And Floridians were quick to respond and video record the storm including Troy Jacks and wife Crystal with Calloway Roofing LLC.  They noticed an abnormal cloud formation and decided to record it and not knowing that was the start of the funnel formations.

Residents in Orlando metro, Lake Mary and Deltona felt the wind gusts and braced as no one can see if and when the tornadoes would strike at their homes. 

Orlando resident Josh Thornton in the Mills Market area immediately sent out a message to friends saying, "there are houses in the neighborhood with roofs torn off!" 


Days Into the Hurricane Season and the 3rd Storm For Central Florida

The east and southern coasts see weather prediction reports that state that this year's hurricane season will be a busy one and as such forms can form quickly and with little notice.

Lake Mary FL residents are just starting the process of selecting a roofing contractor to inspect their roof from the 5-21-2020 hailstorm that hit the community recently, and no one would have predicted another storm so close behind.  Even Deltona residents like Lizaira Cains were surprised to see a Tornado Warning issued for the Deltona area and quickly took shelter along with her 5 siblings.

Residential Home Lake Mary FL 2020 Tornado Property Damage Aftermath

A total of four tornadoes touched down in Volusia, Orange and Sumter counties with the Deltona tornado touching down in the northern part of Lake Monroe.  Other powerful wind gusts and tornado touchdowns occurred in or near The Villages, Linden and Mabel Florida, and Orlando's metro and Winter Park neighborhoods.

Storm warnings continued up to 10:15PM in Seminole and Volusia counties with rain continuing through most of the night.

"What a year we are having in 2020. It has been a very trying year."

Iris Rodriguez

Residential Home Lake Mary FL 2020 Tornado Aftermath

Something Critical You Need To Be Aware Of During Hurricane Season

The damages caused by these tornados will most likely provoke the same response from any homeowner. To call the insurance company. But before you do there are some important things you should know about your insurance company and what you could be entitled to. Since 1993, Florida has made L&O (Law and Ordinance) coverage available to ALL HOs insurance policies. This means insurance companies now HAVE to offer L&O coverage, and if it is declined by the HO then it has to be done in writing and signed by them.

Law and Ordinance is important factor in every HOs policies. It makes sure that your dwelling is completely covered by your insurance. Although you might have full house insurance, it leaves room for allowing the repair being done to not be done to the full standard that it should be. It will most likely be left at equal value then it was before. Having Law and Ordinance makes sure the repairs are done up to code and up to value as it should be. It also makes sure that in the case your whole roof were to collapse on itself, that a whole new roof is to be put up. The 50% coverage allows that if at least 50% of your roof or dwelling is damaged that the whole thing should be completely redone. 50% = Brand New Home. 

If you are not sure if you have Law and Ordinance, check your most recent insurance policy. You should be able to find an area that talks about Law and Ordinance Coverage and what percentage you are paying for. It is important to know what exactly is on your policy, especially as you are signing it. The Insurance Company could easily let it slide past what L&O is and make it so you wind up signing it away. Know what you're entitled to before calling and making a claim. 

In the case you need a inspection on your property to determine how much damage was caused, Calloway Roofing LLC has several professionally trained Inspectors who will be able to assist in a roof inspection and determining whether you have L&O. Calloway Roofing will ensure you get exactly what you need per your policy.

Residential Lake Mary Home Provided Protection
Residential Home Lake Mary FL 2020 Tornado Aftermath
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