Putting Christmas Lights on Your Roof
1 June, 2020 by
Putting Christmas Lights on Your Roof
Drew Calloway

We work on roofs because we understand that a proper, registered roof installation can last and save you money. However, we are also very concerned about homeowners when they venture onto their roofs for the purpose of putting up Christmas lights for the Holidays.

Never Get on A Roof Alone

Understandably we want to enjoy the holidays, and if not for the fact that we are on roofs all the time, we wouldn't venture on a roof alone either.

However, we find it nerve wrecking to see a homeowner first with one foot on the ladder and the other on the roof, as he goes about placing their Christmas roof among other holiday decorations.

Second, the pitch on this roof is about 7/12, making it extremely easy to slip and slide right off the roof, if either: a) the shingles granules are worn from aging or recent storm damage, and may longer provide a strong grip, or b) the homeowner does not have enough "roof time" and may lose his balance.

If you want to get to your roof and put up lights, please have someone holding the ladder at all times and use a pitch gauge to determine if its easy enough to walk on the roof (if you absolutely have to). Personally, we feel any roof time for a homeowner is a hazard, but specifically any pitch over 3/12 is a potential hazard for these and many other reasons.

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Driving Nails Into Roof for Christmas Ornaments and Lights

Modern roofing has come a long way. Specifically, the warranties on the newer materials can last for decades. However, when putting up Christmas lights, never hammer nails into the roofing shingles as this is a quick way to potentially create the beginning of a future leak problem, or, void your long term roofing materials warranty all together.

Get a Free Roof Inspection

Whenever a storm strikes, get a roof inspection and photograph anything you see affected. It is not that you have to run out and file a claim, but insurance has one right above everything, and that is: to verify damage. However, if you don't photograph the damage, you may have a hard time proving the damage later. In this conversation, you wouldn't want the lack of pictures to put the focus on the Christmas lights, which, if and when installed correctly should not be an issue with your roof warranty or home insurance. Please stay safe and enjoy the comfort of your home with family and friends, for this and all the coming Holidays!

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