Registered Roof Installations
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Registered Roof Installations
Drew Calloway

How To Receive A Registered Roof Installation Guaranteed

When a homeowner pays for a roof replacement whether out of pocket or through insurance, he or she assumes they will be receiving a warranted product. However, without a properly registered roof installation, the materials warranty document delivered at time of completion, may at times, be just a piece of paper instead of a guarantee.

How Do I Know I Have A Registered Roof Installation?

"My contractor handed me my roof warranty. You mean its not registered?"

Roof, General, and Building Contractors are answering the call by homeowners to replace their roofs and/or restore their properties. However, with most homeowners being instructed to get estimates, some contractors earn the business at the expense of the 10 to 50 year warranty.

Registered Installations Are The Difference Between 0 to 50 Years Coverage

The Florida peninsula is situated in a way that it receives its fair share of wind, hail, hurricanes, and tornadoes. As such, these types of storms cause damage to large swaths of neighborhoods, triggering the state and local contractors to scramble to service and restore things as soon as possible. However, in this same expeditiously driven objective, homeowners are always told to get multiple estimates before they agree and select a contractor. This, on the surface, seems to make sense. After all, how is one to know if he or she is paying too much, if not for the estimates right? But there is more to this.

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In Florida, and thanks to the Florida Legislature's making homeowner friendly changes to the 1993 Law & Ordinance laws in 2005, homeowners are supposed to receive replacement cost and building code costs coverage. However, when a homeowner is told to put pressure on contractors to turn over estimates; the homeowner is the one taking the risk that, while driving down the price is the goal, the materials and installation methods may work against the benefits of replacement coverage and building code coverage since the contractor is trying to reduce costs to satisfy the requests for lower pricing. Meaning, the roof materials come with lucrative long terms warranties when they are installed using matching roofing system materials and when in line with building code requirements.  For most lifetime shingles for example, the warranty coverage ranges from 10 to 15 years "bumper to bumper" period with an ongoing proration of the warranty for up to 50 years (and goes down every month for up to 600 months).  

When Is a Warranty Worthless? by 7 News Miami

Patrick Frazer with 7 News in Miami says, "How do you know if a company is going to be around to honor a warranty? You don’t, but do business with people who have been around for a while. That will increase your odds."

And that is why the roof needs a registered roof installation because, while the contractor may provide a 1 to 5 year labor warranty, the materials warranty, when registered, covers a homeowners investment for decades.

Moreover, since the materials warranty comes from a much larger company, i.e., the manufacturer, the homeowner further reduces their risk as Patrick Frazer states; increasing a homeowners odds that the company will be around to honor the decades longer warranty.

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Roof Warranties Should Be The First Conversation With A Contractor, Not the Last.

A registered roof installation is a roof project where the contractor used quality matching roofing system materials, in line with manufacturer recommendations and many times also in line with building code and industry requirements. However, when a contractor is being told to bring in the lowest price, the benefits of the 1993 and 2005 legislation is being set aside at the expense of Florida homeowners.

Did you have a roof replaced recently and not sure if the roof is registered?

As long as you know the brand of shingles, you can call the roof materials manufacturer. If your roof is a registered roof installation, they should have you in their database with a warranty registration number assigned specifically to you.

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