Slow Progress in Florida Panhandle After Hurricane Michael
1 June, 2020 by
Slow Progress in Florida Panhandle After Hurricane Michael
Drew Calloway

Slow Progress after Hurricane Michael

Despite being dispatched to the Florida Panhandle in the days soon after Hurricane Michael, it has been very difficult to provide immediate assistance even two months after the storm. 

"There simply are too many areas with no internet or cell phone service to properly get services going," says John Jones of Calloway Roofing LLC.

John Jones has been out here trying to setup roof replacement and general construction service operations, but without cell service, most of the documentation is being written down, photographed and then driven miles out to reconnect and send out the information to the Calloway Roofing corporate offices in Orlando, Florida. 

Taking a direct hit, it may be a year or so before the Florida pan handle's most devastated areas like Mexico Beach are back to "normal." 

Drew Calloway says, "we just felt Floridians south of here needed to see some of these pictures to see what we were spared in this storm, and by Hurricane Irma.

Of course, Irma was not gentle on towns like Naples, Florida either and just serves as a reminder that as much as we love the Sunshine State, we have to be prepared and storm ready at all times.  After all, despite hurricane season being from June 1st to November 30th, lesser localized storms like Hail and Wind, tend to cause significant damage also.   

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What Can You Do To Stay Storm Ready?

"Never take the idea of a Hurricane Supply List lightly."

Having supplies is critical and a family of four can easily require 30 gallons of water a week.  So create a Hurricane Preparedness kit and list all available emergency numbers.  

Category 4 winds of 131 to 155 MPH

When Hurricane Irma hit, most of central Florida received Category winds of 74 to 95 Miles per Hour.  However, here in the Pan Handle, winds in excess of 130 MPH exceed even the strongest of building materials.  

Unfortunately, even the best intended weather forecasts can only gauge what may hit an area as we found out with Hurricane Irma as it zigzagged across Central Florida.

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WESH Channel 2 News, Tony Mainolfi

Bringing the news and weather reporting to Floridians, Tony Mainolfi of WESH Channel 2 News says, "We don't want you to focus on these forecasts, but need everyone to be aware of what's going on in the tropics, and to get ready for the next storm that heads our way.  It only  takes 1 storm to make it an active Hurricane season."

Progress and Assistance is Ongoing

Each person we meet and answer questions for is one more person that can get on the path of restoring what was destroyed.  We are just glad that we have the local resources of our local office in Orlando FL to reach out to with additional manpower and materials requests.

If you are in the pan handle area and need assistance, call John Jones.

We have setup a local number at (850) 387-2069 and have 24/7 telephone operators, so you don't have to worry about leaving a message in a voice mail box.


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