Top 3 Pros and Cons You Should Know About Public Adjusters
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Top 3 Pros and Cons You Should Know About Public Adjusters
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What You Should Know About Public Adjusters and Their Pros & Cons

When in a situation where you are dealing with an Insurance Company, as a Homeowner you will most likely hear the name "Public Adjuster" thrown around. A Public Adjuster is a third party normally hired by the Homeowner to serve as a negotiator in-between them and the Insurance Company. Although their job sounds simple enough, it barely scratches the surface in exposing what they really do in the claim process and their intentions.

With Florida being tormented with storm after storm, it is critical to be mindful of your options when filing a claim and acknowledging what is the most beneficial option for you. Being informed of your options is extremely important, especially if you are new homeowner or have never filed a claim with your insurance company. Whether you purchased your home 5 months ago or 5 years ago, we are here to provide the information you need about Public Adjusters and potentially why you shouldn't hire them.

Whats The Difference Between An Public Adjuster and An Insurance Adjuster?

To elaborate, a Public Adjusters job is to intervene in the claim process and ensure you as the Homeowner get every penny's worth of your claim. Most Homeowners who hire Public Adjusters do so because they don't trust that the Insurance Adjuster/Company is being completely honest and is giving them less then what they need. As said by John LoPriore,

Both do the same tasks of evaluating and assessing the damage. Both will write up proposals for repairs and their costs. The key difference is who employs them to do that task.

- John LoPriore 

The sad truth is the Insurance Company can and will attempt to save some money by not giving you everything you need or saying they gave enough, and simply agreeing isn't the best idea either.

That being said, you may believe that hiring a Public Adjuster is your best option. That is not necessarily completely true. Although Public Adjusters do help in the Insurance Claim Process, it does not guarantee you won't be paying anything extra out of pocket or that it'll be quick and easy. Hiring a Public Adjuster is much more complicated then that.

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Public Adjuster Pros & Cons That All Homeowners Should Know 


  1. You will get more out of your claim. Public Adjusters are here to make sure you get as much as possible. They could possibly double what you obtain in your claim. This ensures your property is repaired and completed. Reports from the Florida OPPAGA shows that HOs get statistically more on their settlement when using a Public Adjuster then when not.
  2. You gain an Advocate on your side. With a Public Adjuster on your side you have someone who is constantly pushing for you on your behalf. Public Adjusters are very knowledgeable and unlike Insurance Adjusters are on your side and are vetted well. They are held to a very high standard since you're confiding in them to to be knowledgeable in the areas you are not.
  3. No loose ends. As previously stated, Public Adjusters are held to a high standard. This means they can't bend many rules, are fingerprinted, bonded, etc. and of course, well educated. They would not be able to do their job properly if they didn't know to account for rotted dry wall from a leak or even how plumbing works. Their goal is to ensure whats damaged is fixed, so most things that might be glanced over like insulation or other damages don't go unnoticed and make a problem worse. All of your concerns are covered and not overlooked  when hiring a Public Adjuster.


  1. They take a percentage of the settlement. As expected, Public Adjusters need to be paid. And to make that money they take a certain percentage of the claim settlement. Most PAs take about 10% of the claim but depending on the size of the claim they might take less. This means that a little more money would come out of your pocket to most likely cover the cost of what the PA took.
  2. Third Party Makes Claim Time Consuming. Adding in a third party to any process is more then likely to slow down the situation. This is because the Insurance Company is not given the chance to just examine and give you whatever amount they want and are forced to face facts. This back and forth slows the process down and can take a considerably long time.
  3. They are picky on claims. Although Public Adjusters are for hire, they do get very picky with their claims. If they believe it is too small or not worth it they will not accept the claim and leave you on your own. Most Public Adjusters won't accept a claim below $20,000. 

 Although the Pros to hiring a Public Adjuster makes it appealing, it is not worth it if you have no gone through a complete loss or are filing a huge claim. In the long run, finding a Public Adjuster to take care of your $15,000 roof and then later having the possibility of having to pay out of pocket arise, it is best to leave them out of it. Instead, you can use another method that does not require a Public Adjuster but gets results anyways. At Calloway Roofing LLC, we take the initiative of thoroughly inspecting your roof and creating our own estimate to send in to the insurance company. This makes sure everything is properly estimated by someone who is trained to spot damages that Insurance Adjusters may overlook. Schedule a free Inspection with one of our Trained Calloway Roofing Inspectors today!


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