Calloway Roofing Career Opportunities


Calloway Roofing (CRLLC) is growing and is looking for ideal candidates who want to make a career in roofing and construction!  If you are new to the trade and want to learn about our registered roof installations and are looking for something more than just roofing sales jobs in Florida; even if you are a seasoned industry professional as well, and wish to join a growing company with a firm growth plan in progress; then give us a call today to put a face to a name and discuss your goals and objectives.

Without our customers we are nothing.  We will train you in the proper way to meet, greet, inspect, and service your prospects and our customers.  Next, without you, we can't service.  And so, we will train you in the best and optimal ways for you to accomplish the work you are doing; in the most technologically and organically efficient ways possible.

Roofing Sales Jobs OR Roof Inspection Experts?

Here at Calloway we take pride in our uniqueness as certified building and roofing contractors.  We carry certified construction licenses and deliver registered installation services to produce only the BEST construction for our customers.  And by joining our team of Account Managers you can help provide the above-board services we promise our customers along with taking apart in a growing field and constantly learning environment.

This is 2020: Set Your Own Schedule

Along with powerful training and coaching  in the best and optimal ways for you to accomplish the work you are doing and the proper way to meet, greet, inspect, and service our customers, Calloway also gives you the liberty to choose your availability!

Set your Income Sets.  Map out your Objectives.  And in this way, you have the flexibility to maximize your time and resources.

Our Departmentalization Is Designed For The Future

What is Calloway Roofing—but a conglomerate of specialized departments, each with specialized knowledge that encourages each other to use the power of the collective.  Our team is made of our Inspections Account Managers, Construction Estimators, Customer Servitors, Permit Runners, Production Crews and Billing Accountants.  Without each other, the collective would fail at being efficient and as resourceful as we are today.

As an Account Manager you will turn over your work to the Departments who will continue the project journey with our  customers.  Each department has its own purpose but all with the same core competencies in bringing a highest-level of expertise and service to our customers.   After all, this is the only way to become a better company.

Roofing Sales Inspector Icon

Responsible for the inspection and presentation of our services at the 1st Meeting with our Customers.

Estimating Documents Icon

Responsible for the line-by-line itemization of a full condition property damage report in accordance with the Building Code.

Servicing Conversing Icon

The central hub of communications between our Customers and all the other departments in addition to outside parties.

Production Construction Icon

In-house and responsible for the proper construction of all customer projects, in according with the Florida Building Code.

Billing Calculating Icon

Responsible and the relay between the company, our customers, insurance carriers, mortgage companies and more.

The Calloway Process  

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What our collective team members have to say about our career opportunities!

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