2-3 Experienced Roofing Sales Inspections Account Managers Wanted

Calloway Roofing LLC - a leader in fully line-itemized and registered roof replacements and construction services is looking to bring on 1 or 3 experienced roofing independent sales contractors.

If you have the experience in the field; to approach a door and generate a well photographed and inspected viable roof claim, Calloway Roofing will throw the power of its departmentalization, infrastructure and supplier network at it to ensure you receive compensation for your work.

Calloway Roofing does not waste your time or a homeowner's. Either there is damage at a location or there isn't. And if there is, your responsibility is to document it well and then upload the necessary documents and photographs to move it over to estimating and then onto production and finally, billing. The goal is that you are paid for the work you put forth and receive the benefit of knowing that your sign ups will get built when a valid claim is brought to the table and that you will be paid accordingly.

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Calloway Roofing the Brand and You Its Identity

What is expected from you is a full-time commitment to the trade and in exchange for that you will benefit from the hyper-localized and granular marketing that only Calloway Roofing LLC provides. But don't get it confused. There is "marketing" at other contractors which later turns into just door hangers and telemarketing based leads (maybe); and then there is the branding we wrap around you to be our face in the field.

Bottom line: If you work with a contractor that says,

  • they use an outside service to do their estimates;
  • they only want the roof part of the job;
  • they do not supplement all items on roof claims;
  • they don't supplement because insurance "never pays them";
  • they don't bother with any interiors and exteriors;
  • they do not use attorneys or bother with "slow" jobs;
  • they will "eat" the deductible;
  • they don't enforce signed contract cancellations (at your expense);
  • they sub all their roof jobs out to subcontractors;
  • they avoid workmens' comp and have subcontractors "deal with it";
  • you don't need an LLC to be compliant with Workmens' comp;
  • you don't need a detailed independent contractor agreement with them;
  • they don't need marketing or advertising, and to "just go knock doors";
  • they only need a CCC license instead of both the CCC and CBC license;
  • you need to handle "everything" on jobs signed including customer service;
  • they offer referral fees to homeowners and later don't pay them;
  • "don't worry, 'just go sign roofs' but later doesn't pay you...

...then you belong at Calloway.


Experienced Roofing Sales Inspections

The Construction by Calloway as Verified in Drew Calloway

This message is coming from a person that worked with six contractors before finding Drew Calloway. This message comes after six contractors did or do some or all of the above. Written and clear terms is what Calloway Roofing LLC extends to you; so your time isn't wasted and you are compensated consistently. No nonsense. Just reliable pay for work performed and roofs built as they were meant to be: line-itemized and without materials swaps.

Additional: If you're niche is retail or commercial, give us a call as we have the right match indeed.

For consideration, dial (407) 349-3360 and leave a message with your name, email, telephone number and the best time to reach you. We will then contact you and layout the terms we have to offer.

Thank you.

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