12 Month Calendar of Hurricane Season 2019 Florida - 2020 What's Ahead?

The Atlantic Hurricane season 2019 Florida was very active producing Hurricane Nestor, Hurricane Dorian, and others.  Fortunately you can watch these storms from the safety and comfort of your very own 2020 Hurricane Calendar created for you and for anyone that likes to track and keep an active-eye on past, present, and pending storms.  After all, Floridians are always adjusting and cognizant of the seasonal activity.

The hurricane season calendar is a PDF that you can download and also save to all your devices.  It is in very high resolution so you should be able to print it in large print with no loss in quality or resolution.  However, if you would prefer it to be a series of slides, Contact Us and we will gladly make it available as images as well.  And YES, what is a calendar without CATS?  Which you will find one or two felines on every month.

NOTE: If you have any idea as to how we came about putting cats inside the calendar; we were humbly informed and asked repeatedly in the development process, "Will it have cats?"  We sincerely did not know everyone was so into cats.  So we included them!!  And before our canine friends get upset that there are cats and no dogs; no worries, we promise to make the following 2021 Hurricane Season Calendar inclusive too.

NOAA Hurricane Season Is Predicting 15 Named Storms for 2020

The Atlantic 2020 Hurricane Season begins June 1st and ends on November 30th 2020.  However, the NOAA is predicting about 15 named storms for this season and as reported further by Space Coast Daily.

Of course, this is nothing new for Central Florida as it has repeatedly seen over the last few years and in decades past storm systems come and go.  Fortunately, 2019 was not as directly impacting on Florida despite the close call with Hurricane Dorian.  And last year's storm inspired the creation of the 2020 Storm Calendar which uses the 2019 storm systems for a chance to look back and see when those storms impacted the region relative to this year's predicted storms and patterns.

Odoo • Text and Image

Download your Free Named Hurricane Storms Calendar

So go ahead and download our free to the public Hurricane Storm Calendar and put one on your wall and keep one on the refrigerator for reference.  It was created in very high resolution so you should have no issues with it looking great on any output.

Additionally, we have every intention of physically printing these next year so you can call and request a copy of the then 2021 Storm Calendar too!  In the meantime, please enjoy our high resolution version, FREE.


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