Age of Roof and Insurance Roof Replacement - Will My Insurance Pay 2020?

For as many storms as Central Florida is known for; does the age of roof and insurance coverage matter when dealing with an insurance roof replacement claim?  The quick and easy answer is YES, age of the roof does matter when dealing with insurance coverage for an insurance roof replacement type claim.  However, according to American Family Insurance,

"...since your roof is a key piece of your home, your home insurance is designed to help cover the replacement of your roof if it’s damaged by a covered loss." 


Therefore, age does not matter when the roof replacement insurance is responsible for a covered loss such as hailstorm damage.

The 1 Key Type of Roof Replacement Insurance: RCV

After the 2005 changes to Florida homeowners insurance laws, homeowners in Florida can have a Replacement Cost Policy that should pay the replacement cost value of the roof at the time of a covered loss.  In fact, Florida specifically now says that all HO3 policies are of type RCV; check with your insurance agent for more information because after the storms that struck our state in 2005 and 2006, the Florida legislature passed legislation mandating that Ordinance or Law coverage be at least 25%.

Home Insurance and Roof Replacement Mortgage Related Obstacles

Home insurance is required by anyone that owns a home and has a mortgage on the property.  However, home insurance and roof replacement are not always synonymous if the insurance company gives a homeowner a policy that excludes the roof replacement.  That may happen when a homeowner purchases a property and the condition of the roof for example is not up to what the insurance carrier would be accepting as a covered risk item.  Therefore, work with your insurance agent to ensure that the coverage you have will cover the roof replacement and get it in writing.

Homeowners Insurance for Roof Replacement Pros and Cons

If you have homeowners insurance and you find yourself with the question of determining whether or not the insurance company will pay to replace your roof; here are the pros and cons.

PROS: Homeowners Insurance will ensure that you are not left stranded if you do face a roof replacement scenario.

CONS: Homeowners Insurance may cost more depending on your situation.  Something to discuss in advance with your insurance agent.

Shingles Blown Off Roof Insurance is NOT What It Is Called!

If you live in Florida you don't want to not have insurance for your property, but the insurance you do need is not called Shingles Blown Off Insurance.  You can have a proper HO3 policy as it is your primary property or any of the other available ones with additional coverage riders to ensure that if shingles are blown off the roof insurance will cover it.

Key Factors in Roof Replacement

The average cost to replace a roof is an important question that should be top of mind as every piece of information helps bridge the gap in understanding how it is determined and who is ultimately responsible.

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Insurance Roof Replacement Contractor

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