Joshua Cosgrove Calloway Roof Inspector

Josh Browning

"Homeowners want honesty. They want respect. 100% factual information in decisions leads to success."  

Calloway Roof Inspector

A U.S. Marine, Josh's passion for helping identify storm damage that often goes unseen by homeowners is what drives his success. When asked what he wants homeowners to know about him before they meet him he replied, “I want homeowners to know that I truly care about providing honesty and integrity in every inspection I perform.”

Josh Browning Calloway Roof Inspector

With over three years of experience, Joshua has successfully helped over 300 homeowners across central Florida restore their homes after suffering storm damage through their insurance company.


Certainteed FL Elegant Shingle Roof Replacement

“Jennifer and Brian Wilson trusted us with the privilege of inspecting their home and providing a registered roof paid for through insurance, and we couldn’t be happier to build a roof that is both warranted and safe for their family.” 

Roof Inspection Wind Damage

“Wind damage can be impossible to identify from the ground level, but when I have the opportunity to inspect for underlying damage I often find shingles that have been pulled back so drastically that it exposes the underlayment and leaves homeowners susceptible to leaks in their home.” 

Roof Inspection Hail Damage

“Getting roofs approved for hail damage relies on hail evidence on the metals of the roof. Identifying the dents to these metals to provide proof of hail hitting the property in order to get homeowners registered roofs provided by their insurance company.”