Kissimmee - Quail Ridge Subdivision

The Rose Hill subdivision was built in the 1980's and was continuously developed over the years into many single-family homes. The surrounding area is also developed with many accommodations including several Restaurants, Department Stores, and Schools. Although the subdivision itself has no amenities like playgrounds and parks, they do pride themselves in their landscaping and maintaining it.

Storm and Hail Risks

Orlando is no stranger to strong hail storms, the greater Orlando Florida area has had more than thirty reports of on-the-ground hail, and has had multiple weather warnings during 2020.

Recently, the Quail Ridge subdivision alone has had its own share of considerable property damaging hail this 2020. On May 21st, residents endured 1" inch hail.  

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32818 Storm Data

Our Storm Data shows recent events that have passed through the Rose Hill/32818 zip code area. These storms have more then likely caused damages to the roofs in their storm path that could result in major issues in the future. 

The Importance Of Quality Roofing

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