4 Resilient Metal Roofing Types and Metal Roof Cost Breakdowns for 2021


Metal Roofing  has taken center stage in Orlando and Central Florida, pitting it against and ahead of shingles roofing as the Freedonia Metal Roofing Market report states,  "Reroofing had a key role in aiding metal roofing demand"  and is being driven primarily by the  "variety of severe weather events causing heavy damage to roofs."   And homeowners worn out by the repeated shingle re-roofs are looking at advantages of metal roof applications.

With shingle roof replacements a norm in Central Florida, homeowners are now increasingly opting for the stronger and longer-lasting  metal roof systems  and looking at  metal roof types  and their comparable  metal roof cost  considerations.

What Are The Best Metal Roof Types and What Does a Metal Roof Cost?

Metal roof types come in a long-listed variety of panel types, metal alloys, roof styles, finishes and paints.  However, the best metal roof considerations or core "options" are:

Metal Roof Alloys - Steel (Galvanized or Stainless), Aluminum, Galvalume, Zinc, or Copper

Metal Roof Styles - Standing Seam, Exposed Fastener, or Stamped Metal Shakes Shingles Tiles

Metal Panel Types - Snap-Lock, Mechanical Seam, T Panel, and Exposed Fastener Lap Seam

Metal Finish Striations - Flat, Ribbed, Striated, Corrugated, or Clip Relief

Metal Panel Paints - Standard or Kynar Coated

 Metal roof costs, on the other hand, are looked at from a broad range of considerations.  However, the biggest take away from metal roof costs vs shingles considerations is that a metal roof will last 3 to 4 times longer than a shingles roofing system—driving the overall cost significantly down.  In addition, when a homeowner has filed a claim and received a properly line itemized roof replacement approval from their insurance company, the cost then becomes a more manageable difference between asphalt shingles materials and the upgraded-to metal roof.

As such, it is more likely that a home can replace an asphalt shingles roof with metal at a subsidized cost.  And as Leon B. at RoofCalc.org states, "Thousands of dollars and years of durability are at stake..." so making the decision to upgrade to metal from shingles, in the long run, makes sense.

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"7 Surprising Things That Lower Home Insurance Premiums"

Lindus Construction writes that No. 1 is a brand new hail resistant shingles roof or a metal one at that, stating further that, "Insurance companies also look favorably on metal roofing because research has shown that homes with metal roofs receive less damage from storms and house fires, which means the [insurance] company is much less likely to have to pay an insurance claim."  Consequently, as the damage severity or likelihood is reduced, the discounts to annual premiums and lower deductible options are savings that may become beneficial over several years.

Metal Material Prices

There Are 50+/- Shingles Contractors for Every 1 Qualified Metal Roofing Contractor

With roof metal types and metal roof costs—and the advantages of metal materials vs shingles understood—especially when insurance proceeds can help to dampen the costs, installing a metal roof does require a specialized metal roofing contractor.  In fact, even the US Department of Labor lists and labels metal roof contractors as "Special Trades Contractors."  So identifying a qualified metal roofing contractor does take some due diligence on the part of the homeowner, or, you can use our contractor screening form.

Using our screening form is absolutely necessary as Renee Ramey, Executive Director of the Metal Roofing Aliance (MRA) states,

"The metal roofing market in the United States and Canada is growing tremendously and there's just one thing holding back the opportunity for greater growth - the lack of qualified contractors and installers to support the demand." 


Homeowner Carl Stewart Accepts Aluminum Metal Roofing System with Kynar Coating Recommendation

Calloway Roofing LLC (CRLLC) maintains a full-time Production department managed directly by Drew Calloway.  Drew has over 25 years of direct metal, tile, asphalt and commercial roofing trades experience and left D.R. Horton in 2015 to open CRLLC.  Under Drew's supervision, the Production department installs hundreds of roofs throughout the year in Florida—including tile and metal roof systems like this 1 Inch Standing Seam in Kynar Coated Copper Penny at 265 River Road Circle in Rockledge, Florida.

"I know we have a lot of good roofing contractors in Florida.  However, I also know we have a lot of bad ones.  And it matters that what is about to take place at your property, be governed accordingly so that your next roofing system,  be the last one."

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