Dear Members of Our Cherished Florida Community,

With so many businesses altering their schedules and hours due to the Coronavirus, we want to take the opportunity to update you on our roofing and building services.  We are operational as a designated essential services contractor and are providing our Customers with No Contact roof inspection and roof estimation service.  However, we are taking every necessary precaution to protect our employees and our customers.

We understand that a roof leak for example, cannot go unattended any more than the need to replace a roof on an already approved insurance claim.  Therefore, we are using the resources of our in-house departments to maintain a healthy and clean work environment—both remotely for our employees and our customers—and at every one of our construction sites.

We are here for your needs and appreciate your understanding and patience in these times and thank you sincerely for your business.   

No Contact Roof and Storm Inspection with a copy of the photos and a follow up by telephone and email.



On 3-20-2020 The Department of the Treasury labeled the Financial Services Sector as Essential Critical Infrastructure. As such and consistent with the President's guidelines, "if you work in a critical infrastructure sector, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule." The Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce includes services such as insurance services and key third party Contractors aligned to the essential critical infrastructure are expected to maintain their operations and schedules and follow guidance from State and local officials—including the Orange County Florida Essential Services Executive Order.

We provide a No Contact Roof Inspection and Itemized Roof Estimate .

n the heels of the Coronavirus concerns we also have Hurricane Season on the horizon so we understand the Department of the Treasury's instructions that critical infrastructure services must remain open. As such, Calloway Roofing has updated the resources in our in-house departments to provide you with no contact roof inspection and roof estimation services such that we will send an inspector to inspect for damage and report back to you with photographs and a follow up conversation by telephone.

The Calloway Process


Once an appointment is made, a Calloway inspector will check your roof for storm damage..


If damage is present, we'll send the images directly to you through email and/or SMS.


We'll follow up by phone so you can manage and stay safe from the comfort of your home.

Questions and Answers

Here at Calloway Roofing LLC we care about the questions our Customers have asked and we've posted our answers as follows:

Yes.  As insurance services to homeowners—including new and outstanding claims—are considered essential services by Federal, State and Local authorities we have continued to deliver on our contractual obligations to our Customers.

Yes. When a roof inspection is requested, a qualified and experienced Calloway Roof Inspector will be dispatched to perform the inspection and then report back to you by telephone and a shared link to your inspection photographs.

What if I don't have time to deal with the  roof right now?

Calloway Roofing offers an affordable and convenient Roof Maintenance Program at $19.97 a month for residential Homeowners to remove the concerns for the roof and provide immediate peace of mind—even if right now is not the best time to deal with the roof.

How are you minimizing the the risk of Coronavirus?

We are fortunate that our qualified roof inspectors are working remotely from their homes.  And when dispatched to a roof inspection, they simply exit their vehicle and setup their ladder and perform their inspection and enjoy day outdoors.  However, there is no contact with you and once the inspection is completed, our inspector will return to his or her vehicle and then later report to you by telephone, email and even a webmeeting if possible.

What if I need to file an insurance claim and need help?

Our inspectors are trained to document and report back to you the damage found and to estimate the construction cost to replace or restore.  Once you have decided to file a claim, our qualified inspectors will send you the necessary paperwork by email or to your phone for authorization.  In this, you will have all the information you need to then discuss with your insurance company why you are making a claim—including the link to the damage of the photographs—to then share them with your insurance company.

Will I experience any delays from "regular" services?

At present, we are a qualified essential services contractor authorized to continue operations.  Fortunately, our work is not a high traffic type business compared to a restaurant or a movie theater for example, so our operations are being disrupted minimally.  However, you may experience some delays from other service providers like your insurance company or mortgage company but nothing that would be unmanageable.

Whom do I contact if I have specific questions?

The most powerful part about Calloway Roofing LLC is our in-house compartmentalization of the company.  Putting the best minds in each department to best answer any and all questions and concerns.  As such, the following department managers are available for all your questions and based on their departmental expertise!

  • Inspections (407) 792-5187
  • Servicing (407) 349-3410
  • Estimating (407) 349-7430
  • Production (407) 792-1095

Homeowners, Gated Communities and HOAs, learn about Calloway Roofing's affordable and convenient Roof Maintenance Plan