Peter Naumann Calloway Roof Inspector

Peter Naumann

"Homeowners are often unaware of storm damage. Even when there hasn't been a hurricane recently, hail or wind damage may still be present."  

Calloway Roof Inspector

Peter grew up in a family with generations of home improvement and real estate professionals. Before graduating with his Bachelor's in Finance and obtaining a real estate license, Peter already had years of experience in the trades, both working with his father, a talented and highly respected general contractor, and through his vocational education in construction & electronics.

This blend of family trades, technology and education served him well throughout his life. He understands very well what craftsmanship entails over unqualified workmanship and overstated promises.

Peter Naumann Calloway Roof Inspector

Delivering best-in-class service to homeowners, Peter is an integral part of the Calloway inspections team and a strong legacy on which to stem from.

Damaged Brown Roof Shingle

“The clients we've worked with are amazed at the level of service, quality and craftsmanship that we provide.” 

Pitch Slope Locator Shingle Roof

“A key fact that is very important for homeowners to know that wind or hail damage can be detected.” 

Roof Inspection Wind Damage

“Calloway Roofing definitely exceeds expectations. An inspection from us is all you need to experience the Calloway difference.”