Roof Cleaning Boosts Immediate Curb Appeal — When Done RIGHT

The is no question that a well-maintained roof can create an image that little else may surpass.  And when roof cleaning is performed correctly, a property's value can experience an immediate surge in curb appeal.  That is why a roof's cleaning is highly recommended by Realtors as the first step when preparing a home for sale.

In fact, consistent clearing of any leaves and debris may be all that's needed to extend the life span of an aging roof.  In other circumstances, a thorough washing and removal of algae and mold build-up may become necessary.

But also and just as significantly important is the preservation of the lucrative 600-month registered roof materials warranty that comes with a properly itemized and code-compliant roof installation.  CertainTeed is known as a leader in roof materials quality and has a reputation to back it with their inclusion of a 600-month warranty with every matching roofing system installed.  

However, CertainTeed makes it clear that they want documented evidence that the roof is cleaned and cleared regularly or as and when needed.  Which, is not a problem when a homeowner can produce a log of cleaning and clearing dates and photographs, or, can also be accomplished and quickly verified with the use of an affordable roof maintenance program.

Laura Forty-Garcia
Laura Forty-Garcia

RE/MAX Central Realty - Lake Mary FL

"The benefits are compounding especially when higher property values are realized." 

Roof Maintenance Gets In Front Of Problems and Extends Roof Life

The life of the roof can be extended by as much as 20% with regularly scheduled and correctly implemented roof maintenance.  For example, but for maintenance; Florida algae that rests on roof shingles eat away at the asphalt coating under the limestone granules.  However, many homeowners and commercial building owners are plain busy with the day-to-day things in life such that roof maintenance is rarely top of mind—until a leak occurs.

Simple maintenance items like clearing leaves from the gutters to prevent algae or sealing down a loose shingle to prevent leaks can play a significant role in the extension of a roof's life and durability.  And the reward for properly documented roof maintenance returns as a long punch list of advantages, such that:

           1. Verifiable roof maintenance may trigger lucrative insurance discount

           2. Logged roof maintenance helps meet HOA maintenance compliance requirements

           3. Consistent upkeep and maintenance boosts curb appeal and may increase property values

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The difficult part about maintaining a roof comes in the form of consistency of maintenance and verifiable documentation logging of the corrective steps taken.  For example, a proper full-condition roof inspection may reveal items of concern such as roof shingles or roof accessory seals coming lose.  Or, that the roof is reaching end of life and its time to start budgeting for a roof replacement.

    Our proven Roof Maintenance and Roof Cleaning services are designed to mitigate roof maintenance documentation and consistency of maintenance concerns, inclusive of:

    • A complete initial roof inspection inclusive of visual and photographic documentation of all membrane and roof surface areas and roof flashings and roof accessories.
    • An on-demand downloadable link to the inspection photographs and maintenance documentation.
    • A photographic summary of current conditions such as blistering or wear and tear identified and any corrective recommendations.
    • scheduled surface debris removal from roof accessories such as pipes, vents, gutters, and scuppers and cleaning of drains of foreign materials (if necessary).
    • Re-sealing of roof seams, wall flashing and seams, roof parapets, skylights, solar water heaters and/or solar panels (when applicable and as-and-when deemed necessary).

    Monthly and Annual Roof Maintenance Plan Options

    Because roof maintenance is preventative, it is important that we made our maintenance program extremely affordable for any homeowner to Subscribe to the program.  Whether you have a 70 square roof or a 25 square roof; the maintenance pricing is the same.  We just ask that every homeowner subscribe to provide an immediate scheduling of an initial inspection.

    Furthermore, at the time of the initial roof inspection, we will also photograph and report back to you on non-roof items such as stucco, siding, wood rot, etc.  And items not covered by your roof maintenance plan will be estimated at your request and are NOT required to be performed by Calloway Roofing LLC.

    This is to give you peace of mind as to the overall condition of your property, the integrity of the program, and to help you make the better and informed decisions necessary—based full information and reporting.

    Consequently, the frequency of maintenance will be geared to ensure that the roof is always looked after especially by:

    1. The initial inspection which will occur within a week or so of Subscription
    2. The next inspection will occur within six (6) months, or, as sooner requested by you if circumstances call for it.

     Also and just as significantly important is the preservation of the lucrative 600-month registered roof materials warranty that comes with and when a properly itemized and code-compliant roof is installed. 

    CertainTeed for example, is known as a leader in roof materials quality and has a tremendous reputation of backing their materials with their inclusion of a 600-monthwarranty with every CertainTeed matching roofing system installed.  However, CertainTeed makes it clear that they require documented evidence that the roof is cleaned and cleared regularly, or, as-and-when needed to preserve the warranty.

    And this is not a problem when a homeowner can produce a log of maintenance dates and photographs; which can be accomplished and better verified through a qualified and affordable roof maintenance plan.

    Roof Cleaning License Requirements - DO NOT Apply in Florida

    For whatever the reason and as decided by Florida legislators, Florida does not require a license for roof cleaning

    That means that a man dressed in a Spider-Man costume is permitted to do so as long as he or she has a Florida corporation or Limited Liability Company, has Workmen's Compensation Insurance OR a Workmen's Compensation Exemption certificate if they are a business of 3 or fewer owners AND  they perform the work themselves under that Workmen's Compensation exemption; and, that they  maintain the minimum general liability insurance (in case they cause damage to property or persons).


    Therefore it is important to screen roof cleaning companies for qualifications that go beyond the ownership of pressure washing equipment.  Why?  Because roof cleaning asphalt shingles with pressure may immediately damage the roofing system and, as in almost every case—immediately void a registered roof materials 600-month roof warranty.

    In addition, using bleach on a roof may not be the best solution for a roof cleaning condition.  As such, it is recommended that a licensed roofing contractor first inspect the roof for its tolerance condition before any roof cleaning is introduced—regardless if it is a shingle roof, tile roof, etc.  And you may use our complimentary Contractor screening form to do so:

    Unlicensed Roof Cleaning May Mask Bigger Problems

    It is always recommended that when buying a home, the Buyer should hire a professional  HI  licensed home inspector to inspect the home under contract for its "dwell" ability.  Meaning, the home inspector is to report  back on the dwelling and its overall live-able functionality still being viable.  However, a  HI  Home Inspector has a "look" but don't touch type license.

    Alternatively, a Florida certified roofing contractor has a "look and touch" CCC type license.  And the difference is huge when you consider that a home Seller (or Buyer)  requesting and authorizing a roof cleaning may in fact end up  masking bigger problems  when the roof then looks cleaner and "nicer" but underlying problems remain.

    For example, in the Spider-Man roof cleaning video  here , Spider-Man is not allowed to touch the tile shingles without a CCC license so he cannot check for their proper installation or issues related therein that may cause leaks.

    Thus as he or she proceeds with the cleaning equipment he or she may be inadvertently creating or increasing underlying damage despite the roof tiles getting brighter.

    As Sam Glicken with  ClaimsMaxAdjusters  in Winter Park, Florida stated,

    "Yeah, I can't see how using that floor waxer type machine can NOT be causing damage to the tiles."

    Unlicensed Roof Cleaning May Create Roof Damage

    Here is an image of a roof  cleaner  pressure washing a tile roofing system.  However, the thing to notice is that he is stepping directly on the soft valley of the tile roof—and one of the most delicate parts of a tile roofing system. 

    roof cleaning pressure washing worker steps on tile roof valley causing damage image

    If he is not licensed in roofing construction or roofing systems, he would not know that he is actually damaging the roof.  In this case, a quick roof cleaning "job" may result in $20,000+ damage to the tile roofing system.

    Also, when a roof is cleaned incorrectly it may create leaks that don't begin immediately.  Sometimes the damage works its way slowly through the underlayment and then onto the roof decking before eventually finding its way past the roof insulation and onto the home's ceilings.

    Subsequently and when a homeowner later calls their insurance company and files an insurance roof replacement claim indicating they may have storm damage or leaks from the roof; the adjuster may come down and show them photographs indicating that the damage came instead from the pressure washing.

    Improper Roof Cleaning May Destroy Roof Claim Evidence

    When a   well-trained roof inspector   goes out and inspects a roof, one of the first things he or she looks for is damage to the roofing system by either:

    • weather related events, or simply
    • wear and tear as the roof ages

    However, at times a qualified roof inspector runs into a scenario where the roof shows clear signs of distress from say, hailstorm pockmarks—but is unable to find additional collateral evidence of the damage in the roof gutters for example or at the bottom of the downspouts.

    That is because the granules that would have otherwise remained behind from the storm as evidence may have been pressure washed away and out of the gutters.

    Alternatively, algae and moss growth, when impacted by hailstorm damage may have usually left signs of hailstorm damage on affected surfaces known as splatter.

    However, if they were pressure washed and cleaned away with a detergent, the roof cleaner may have destroyed  storm damage evidence that would have aided the homeowner in proving that they were in fact due a complete and full roof replacement from the storm damage to their roof and property.

    Is Roof Maintenance Required On A Brand New Roofing System?

    A building code compliant roof installation with a 600-month registered roof materials warranty will require proof and logging of the roof's maintenance to maximize the duration of insurance discounts and warranty enforceability.  Furthermore, a new roof on a commercial property generally requires periodic maintenance because of its expanse and in order for the commercial roof manufacturer’s warranty to be enforced; and the same applies for a CertainTeed 600-month registered materials home roofing system warranty.

    A residential registered roof warranty may require proof of the required roof maintenance logs to preserve its enforceability in the case of a future warranty claim filing.  As such, we strive to provide a relevant licensed service, professional courtesy, and roof maintenance convenience with our roof maintenance plan.

    The BENEFITS of the plan are as follows:

    • Provide homeowners and commercial* property owners with a proven, preventative, affordable and convenient maintenance option.
    • Provide a convenience and professional GUARANTEE that we will identify and correct that which is under the maintenance program and immediately report back when something needs to be addressed—regardless if we are the contractor to do the work, or not.
    • Mitigate your risk of more costly structural repairs resulting from roof related damage and helping when possible to catch things before they become an even bigger problem.
    • Provide a CCC licensed professional roof inspection with a designated Account Manager that is trained to sit down with you and explain every part of the initial maintenance inspection and upon their return as scheduled—or, as sooner requested by you—depending on the weather and ongoing roof condition concerns.
    • Provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring designed to extend the life of your roof by up to 20% when possible, and to document and log the maintenance necessary to satisfy stringent gated communities, reliable HOAs, insurance companies, mortgage lending banks, and more.
    • Roof Maintenance Will Look For and Report Back On Other Items of Concern

      When called upon for maintenance inspections and service, we will focus on:

      1. Accumulation of debris in gutters and drains (common in Florida)
      2. Standing water or "pooling" on a flat roof and gravel gaps on a gravel roof
      3. Blistering, cracking or any signs of abrasions in the roof membrane
      4. Signs of fastener or seam corrosion on metal roofs including damaged panels
      5. Damage and cracks on tile roofing systems including separations if any
      6. Algae, moss or fungus growth that may require an escalated roof cleaning
      7. Gaps or tears from an expansion of joints or issues revealed from faulty trussing
      8. Gaps or separations in/on chimneys and wall to roof membrane flashing
      9. Cracks in ridge vents, pipe jacks, skylights, and other roof equipment seals
      10. Signs of aging and peeling paint, rust spots and wood deck rotting if any
      11. Pool heater pipe support inspection for rust, cracks and sagging if any
      12. IMPORTANT: 'Previous repairs' inspection to ensure they work correctly

    In addition, Calloway Roofing LLC will always provide a line-itemized estimate for any items beyond our maintenance service.  For example, if AFTER the proper full-condition inspection of the roof reveals that a roof cleaning is okay to proceed with and recommended, then we will provide an estimate for said cleaning to you.  However, you as our customer is under no obligation to use Calloway Roofing LLC if you chose not to.  The decision is and will always remain yours.

    Our roof maintenance service is a convenience for homeowners and building owners and property managers and Homeowners Associations that want a second set of eyes and a second opinion to weigh against the opinions of other contractors, insurance adjusters, and to just simply have peace of mind on the condition of the roof over time.

    As such, our service and convenience goal is two-fold:

                          A) To be your maintenance service provider as and when needed

                          B) To provide scheduled inspections and roof maintenance

                          C) To preserves your new or current roofing system for as long as possible.

    That is why our roof maintenance plan is RECOMMENDED to homeowners and Homeowners Associations throughout Florida—including Condominium Associations and Property Management companies in our service area.

    Roof Maintenance and Roof Cleaning Services by Calloway Roofing LLC

    Calloway Roofing has a roof maintenance plan and roof cleaning service designed for:

    Residential Shingle Homes Florida

    Residential Homes

    Shingles • Tiles • Metal

    Multi-family Development Orlando Florida

    Multi-Family Developments

    Shingles • Tiles 

    Commercial Roofing Florida

    Commercial Facilities

    Modified Bitumen • TPO • EPDM

    Roof Maintenance and Roof Cleaning — Weighing Costs and Savings


    Roof Cleaning vs Roof Replacement Cost Factors

    The best figure to satisfy the immediate need for a ballpark cost comparison of roof maintenance and cleaning and a roof replacement is to generically peg the price of a roof cleaning to be about +/- 3% to 6% of what the cost to replace a roof would be, depending on the roofing system type and condition of the roof.  Therefore, if a brand new asphalt roofing system costs $21,000 then a pre-inspected and first-qualified roof cleaning would run about $650 if using the cost factor of 3% instead of 6%.

    Alternatively, a roof cleaning cost can also be set per square for shingles at about $23 a square for shingles and $40 to $60 per square plus for concrete and clay tiles and metal pricing falling in between.  And although a leading contractor may quote a lower price it may not be due to the actual cost of the service and more a factor of being one with workmen's compensation insurance exemption and more.

    Of course, some of the factors that affect the cost of your roof cleaning include the height of the roof, the pitch or steepness, the type of roofing materials like luxury shingles, etc.

    All told, the cost of cleaning the roof is still less than the cost of fully replacing the roof.


    Roof Maintenance vs Roof Replacement Cost Factors

    Roof maintenance becomes immediately affordable under our Roof Maintenance service.  For subscribing to our monthly service, you will receive an immediate full-condition roof inspection and a report of its findings with recommendations for any and all additional items of concern.  As a roofing and building contractor, licensed and certified in Florida, we are able to provide a complete picture of the roofing system, its maintenance requirements, and cleaning recommendation (if any).


    Our Maintain My Roof Plan is available Monthly or Annually - Subscribe Today!

    Calloway Roofing LLC created the Roof Maintenance service as a solution for homeowners, HOAs* and commercial*  property owners in search of the absolute best roof maintenance by and through a licensed and certified CCC roofing contractor that understands roofing systems and roof construction.

    We welcome you to our family of customers and plan subscribers.

     Calloway Residential and Commercial Roof MAINTENANCE Features:
    • Services provided by a Florida licensed CCC roofing contractor
    • In-House Monthly Servicing ensures consistent communication
    • Dedicated Account Manager for your selected Maintenance Plan
    • CCC roofing licensed to "touch" and check for physical damage
    • Roof Construction experienced vs Pressure Washing service
    Calloway Roofing Residential and Commercial Roof CLEANING Features:
    • Comprehensive inspection ahead of cleaning estimation
    • Inclusive Full-condition Roof and Property Inspections
    • In-House Production ensures no Subcontractors!
    • Dedicated Account Manager In-House Consultation
    • Inclusive Twice-a-year Roof Cleaning Scheduling

    *COMMERCIAL Maintenance Service : Retail, Office, Apartment Developments, Florida Gated Communities, HOAs and Condo Associations

    Condominiums, Apartment complexes, and HOAs are a key beneficiary of our roof maintenance service as we are able to provide an all-inclusive convenient solution that can be dispatched to every home asset in the development.

    Property managers recommend our maintenance service because it is provided by a certified and licensed CCC contractor and are happy to see how much time we dedicate to getting the service part RIGHT.