Subcontractor Jobs Policy and Subcontractor License Requirements

Calloway Roofing serves Central Florida homeowners and businesses by using its Certified Building Contractor and Certified Roofing Contractor licenses to fulfill its residential and commercial service contract obligations.  However, as regional weather events in Central Florida create peaks and surges in storm restoration demand in our service areas, subcontractor jobs and subcontractor work does become available on the additional trades outside of roofing at Calloway Roofing LLC.

Calloway Roofing maintains a strict policy on the types of subcontractors and their related licensure, insurance, and quality of work requirements.

Subcontractor Insurance Requirements including Workers Comp for Subcontractors


Calloway Roofing encourages all appropriately licensed subcontractors with proper insurance including Workers Comp for Subcontractors and general liability subcontractor insurance, to reach out to us to establish a subcontractor relationship and direct written agreement.

Types of Subcontractors for Specific Subcontractor Jobs


The types of contractors available can be many, but there are specific trades including other Contractor trades necessary as the demand for additional manpower in specialized trades is necessary.  Specifically:

  1. Drywall Subcontractor
  2. Solar Contractor
  3. HVAC Contractor
  4. Structural Aluminum
  5. Stucco Subcontractor
  6. Siding Subcontractor
  7. Gutters Subcontractor
  8. Paint Subcontractor

subcontractor jobs policy with subcontractor license and subcontractor insurance

Roofing Subcontractor - Do Most Roofing Companies Use Subcontractors?

While the vast majority of roofing contractors engage with and make use of a roofing subcontractor, Calloway Roofing does not use roofing subcontractors for its roof replacement business for the following reasons:

1. Control the Quality of the Roof.  When subcontractors are hired to build the roof, the contractor gives up a lot of control as to the quality delivered.  Roof subcontractors may swap out warrantable roof materials for lesser quality roof materials and industry specified installation procedures, such as nailing procedures that may also experience reduced installation adherence.

2. Maintain the Quality of the Staff. Roofing crews are dependable at what they do when they are trained and supervised accordingly.  Therefore, Calloway Roofing invests in its crews to maintain the training and trades quality necessary and irreplaceable with or by someone lacking in experience and proper training.

3. Delivery of Fully Registered Roofs.  Calloway Roofing provides roof installations whereby it provides written assurances that the roof materials will be of Matching Roofing System components as recommended by the manufacturers and in conformance with the manufacturers' materials use and installation requirements and in accordance with the Florida Building Code.

As such, all Calloway Roofing crews are W2 employees of the company and are also required to meet and exceed the experience and quality standards set forth above.

Is Paying Subcontractors for Construction Work Legal?


Using and paying subcontractors for sub-licensed work is completely legal and permitted in the State of Florida as long as the Contractor AND the Subcontractor both maintain the legally required types and levels of licensure and insurance requirements. It is a felony in the State of Florida to have work performed by an unlicensed contractor OR an unlicensed subcontractor.

Subcontractor Quality Control

Calloway Roofing maintains a strict policy on subcontractor quality control.  No subcontractor is allowed to perform work below the requirements of our fully line-itemized specifications. When a subcontractor is found to be negligent in their trades work, the written contract is terminated and notice is sent to the Subcontractor. Homeowners are then immediately notified of the changes and corrective work is performed to the standards required of the work and the industry.

Paying Subcontractors and Subcontractor Quality Control image

Subcontractor Lien Waiver

Calloway Roofing maintains a strict policy on subcontractors providing a Lien Waiver on all jobs completed and paid for.  Any subcontractor that fails to provide a lien waiver on all work performed and paid for will be subject to immediate contract termination.

Subcontractor Not Paid by Contractor

Calloway Roofing understands that all trades hands and working labor persons should and must be paid accordingly for their time. However, Subcontractors that have failed to produce the legally required subcontractor license and subcontractor insurance as required by Calloway Roofing LLC, and the State of Florida, WILL NOT be paid UNTIL they produce said licensure and insurance. It is unfortunate but a reality that Calloway Roofing LLC must adhere to this strict requirement to protect every homeowner and our Company from unlicensed and/or uninsured work.

I Was Not Paid For My Work

If a subcontractor does not pay their workforce for work performed, each worker is encouraged to file a grievance and report unpaid wages with the Department of Labor and seek recourse and remedy from the subcontractor.

I am a subcontractor looking for work - How Do I Become a Subcontractor?

Subcontractors interested in subcontract work for the  additional trades work  at Calloway Roofing, can reach out to our office to setup a time and date to meet with our Production Department. For the meeting, please bring in the following mandatory documents:

 I am a subcontractor looking for work image

  • Appropriate Trade License (if applicable)
  • General Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Workmen's Compensation Insurance (or Exemptions if any)
  • Last 30 Days Jobs Log including Customer Name Address Phone
  • Explanation letter on any disciplinary actions taken against you
  • Explanation letter on any lawsuits against you or your business
  • Florida Vehicle Insurance Certificate in your name
  • Florida Vehicle Registration in your Business name

Customer Subcontractor or Worker


Calloway Roofing understands that your home is your investment, whether you are a customer or a subcontractor or worker.  We respect the importance of that investment and your need to keep it protected.  As such, we take our business seriously and welcome anyone that seeks our services or wishes to partner with us.